Equipment Profile


Stump Grinding requires specialist machinery and trained staff

Down Under Stump Grinding makes itself aware of the latest technology in stump removal and constantly incorporates new machinery to its extensive equipment fleet.

Down Under Stump Grinding employs the most extensively trained operators in the Arboriculture industry who utilise state of the art equipment and practises. Our extensive stump grinding fleet consists of the following equipment:

The SC1152 the largest of the Vermeer stump grinding machines is powerful enough to handle large scale projects but also narrow enough to fit through a standard garden gate to grind stumps to sawdust in seconds.

  • Vermeer SC1152 Remote Controlled Stump Grinder
  • Vermeer SC852 Remote Controlled Stump Grinder
  • Vermeer 222 – Narrow Access Stump Grinder x 2
  • Rayco RG 50 Stump Grinder
  • Dingo Mini Bobcat

Engineered for an ideal balance of power and agility the SC852 Stump Grinder can glide through a standard 91cm garden gate and still deliver 85hp of stump grinding power.

  • Toyota Hino 3 tonne truck
  • Atlas Tip Truck
  • Isuzu 3 tonne truck
  • Toyota Dyna Tip Truck
  • All safety , signage and sundry equipment.